domingo, 17 de junio de 2007

Pulpa IV

"I looked, and a pang of horror seized my heart as with a white-hot iron.There upon the floor was a dark and putrid mass, seething withcorruption and hideous rottenness, neither liquid nor solid, but meltingand changing before our eyes, and bubbling with unctuous oily bubbleslike boiling pitch. And out of the midst of it shone two burning pointslike eyes, and I saw a writhing and stirring as of limbs, and somethingmoved and lifted up what might have been an arm. The doctor took a stepforward, raised the iron bar and struck at the burning points; he drovein the weapon, and struck again and again in the fury of loathing."

(Fragmento extraído del cuento The Novel of the White Powder, escrita por Arthur Machen en 1895)

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